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2nd Tactical Air Force

2nd Tactical Air Force

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{detailed description}This book tells in detail the operational history of 2nd Tactical Air Force, R.A.F., from its formation in November 1943 until the end of World War II in Europe. It covers the invasion of Normandy, the Arnhem landings, the long, cold winter of 1944/5 and the Germans' Ardennes offensive, the Luftwaffe's famous 'New Year's Day' attack, the massive Rhine crossings and the final dash across Germany. Three early chapters describe the overall pattern of events throughout the period, presenting the operations, command decisions, etc., of this air force as a whole; following this, a chapter is allocated to each major aircraft type involved, and to the squadrons which flew them, covering in great detail the actions in which they were involved. These include the rocket-firing Typhoon so dreaded by the German tanks and mortar crews, the Spitfire IX which was the instrument of air superiority over the beachhead during the Invasion, the Boston and Mitchell medium bombers, the Mosquito night-fighters and intruders, the powerful Tempest, and many others. The book is terminated with several pages of appendices, listing the various Wings and the squadrons which served in them, with dates, the locations of the many airfields and landing strips used, and other relevant information.
The book is profusely illustrated, many of the photographs being published for the first time, and there are also eight pages of Richard Ward's colour side-view paintings, illustrating all the major aircraft involved in numerous typical colour schemes.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Christopher F. Shores
Published by Osprey 1970 1st edition. 298pp illustrated with b&w photos, colour profile drawings, index, appendix, 19x25
{condition}bumped, d/j rubbed on edges, otherwise very good.
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