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Aeroflot: Soviet Air Transport Since 1923

Aeroflot: Soviet Air Transport Since 1923

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{detailed description}This book tells in great detail the story of Soviet civil air transport and in particular the contribution of the Soviet airline Aeroflot.
Aeroflot, although responsible for a much wider range of duties than airlines elsewhere, is without question the world's biggest carrier of air passengers and cargo - its 1973 target was 87 million passengers and 2,100,000 tonnes of cargo to be carried over a route network of some 820,000 km. Its fleet runs into thousands and ranges from light single-engined aeroplanes and helicopters up to large three- and four-engined jet transports and some of the world's largest and heaviest helicopters.
The Soviet Union has maintained strict secrecy over much of its air transport operations, but painstaking study of published facts, mostly in Soviet publications, does reveal much of this massive air transport undertaking, and the author has spent many years in making such a study.
He has related the Soviet air transport effort to the country's vast terrain, its climate and its economy, and gives very detailed accounts of the operations of the various regional directorates of Aeroflot. He has compared the times taken by surface transport and air transport and provides information on Aeroflot's fare structure.
This work is comprehensively illustrated with photographs, but of even greater value are the more than 3o tables and numerous appendices which form the most detailed survey ever published on Soviet air transport working. The production of this invaluable reference material, together with its unique maps, is a significant achievement, when it is remembered that the operations of Aeroflot are so vast that they could not be shown in a single timetable of manageable proportions and that a map showing all scheduled routes would probably require an area equal to the wall of a hangar.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Hugh MacDonald
1975 1st edition. 323pp
{condition}very good in price clipped d/j
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