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Air Battle Central Europe

Air Battle Central Europe

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{detailed description}If it ever came to an all-out fight between NATO and Warsaw Pact forces, the flatlands of northern Germany could be the scene of some of the fiercest ground fighting. This book vividly describes the sort of air actions that would take place above, in front of and behind that land battle. The views expressed come from those in the best possible position to know: NATO officers directing or commanding flying units assigned to support such a land battle in different ways. The author, himself an ex-aircrew officer in the Royal Air Force who instructed in air fighting tactics, interviewed several high-ranking and middle-ranking officers. Accounts based on fifteen of these in-depth interviews are reproduced here: they are frank and revealing, and make fascinating reading.
The action described is the non-nuclear phase of an East-West conflict as it would be fought using the latest aircraft and weapons in service with NATO in 1986. This remarkable book strips away the veneer of military and technical jargon to enable readers, even those without specialist knowledge, to see how the various pieces of the mosaic link together to form the complex picture that is air power: aircraft as diverse as the EF-111, the Lynx helicopter and the A-10, the F-15, the F-111, and the Tornado, the Harrier, the Wild Weasel F-4 and RF-4C; weapons like Sidewinder, JP233 and Sparrow, Durandel, Paveway, and Maverick, TOW, Kormoran and MW-1, Rockeye, GAU-8 and Shrike; high-technology equipment like ALQ-99, APR-38, Pave Tack and TEREC.
The result is a highly readable, spine-chilling account, which gives a novel insight into both the form this particular battle might take and the general nature of air warfare in the mid-1980s.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Alfred Price
published by Sidgwick and Jackson 1986 1st edn. 192pp illustrated, index
{condition}good, inc. d/j.
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