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Air Power and The Royal Navy 1914-1945

Air Power and The Royal Navy 1914-1945

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{detailed description}How did the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm, the service that pioneered the use of air power at sea, surrender an apparently unassailable lead to the Americans and Japanese? Why did the FAA go into the Second World War equipped with first-class ships and second-rate aircraft? Why were there such unnecessary disasters as the loss of the carriers Glorious and Courageous? How was it that the Admiralty in 1941, after two years of war still sent ships into action without air cover- a policy that led to heavy losses off Crete and the destruction of the Prince of Wales and Repulse off Malaya? How did a service that started the war so inauspiciously turn into the superbly professional formation that destroyed the might of the Italian Fleet at Taranto and operated as a full partner with the US Navy during the final sea/air assault on Japan?
Drawing on personal interviews with some of the great protagonists of British naval air power and seven years of research among newly opened archives, Geoffrey Till answers these questions, charting the political hidden reefs that threatened the Fleet Air Arm between the wars. Always at the mercy of a hostile Air Ministry, the Royal Navy's own battleship admirals and Britain's economic decline, the FAA survived to become a powerful and flexible weapon. This important and highly readable contribution to British naval history shows how profoundly the forging of that weapon affected the Royal Navy and its role in the defence of country and Empire.
Well illustrated with line drawings and photographs, most never published before, Air Power and the Royal Navy 1914-45 identifies the FAA's five essential components: its people, ships, aircraft, organisation and operational philosophy. Dealing with each in turn, the author traces the evolution of the sinews of what was to become Britain's most potent long-range military arm.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Geoffrey Till
published by Jane's 1979 1st edn. 224pp illustrated, index, bibliography 16x24
{condition}near fine, in very slightly spine faded d/j.
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