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Aircraft Camouflage and Markings 1907-1954

Aircraft Camouflage and Markings 1907-1954

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{detailed description}This is a book of aircraft markings in all their varied aspects, covering nearly fifty years of aeronautical history, for military aircraft of all nations of the world. As such it is unique. But it does even more than show by many colour plates, photographs and drawings, what those markings were-it explains also their special significance.
Squadron badges, or the crest at the centre of the badge, have appeared on aircraft from the 'twenties onwards as illustrations throughout this book show. Here, every R.A.F. squadron badge, authorised up to 1955, is presented and additionally, the badges of certain flying units, and for some Commonwealth Air Force Squadrons.
Altogether, no less than 394 squadron badges are illustrated. This is the first time that they have all been printed in one book.
The warpaint of camouflage, the heraldry of insignia, the pageantry of unit markings in peace and the significance of code letters in war, the expression in individual emblems and of varied embellishments have given aircraft a fascination that will appeal to all. In fact, their study has become an absorbing hobby, for markings are all indicative. Camouflage relates to an operational role, code letters or emblems to a unit and serial numbers can reveal a wealth of detail about a particular aircraft. The key to their significance is contained in this book and with it the enthusiast can become the expert.
The scale modeller should find this book of particular interest; for there is little point in scale modelling unless the finished product is truly representative, which it cannot be if it is not accurate in detail. With the information in this comprehensive work the modeller can be assured that his models will be appropriately finished as well as carrying correct markings.
The scope of this book is wide, yet reviewers have referred to its wealth of detail. It covers all aspects of aircraft markings.-In general finish from the consistent overall azure of the photographic reconnaisance aircraft to the dazzle-painting of flying boats.-From the 12-feet high identity letters on airships to the 1-inch letters denoting doping schemes on fabric.-From the origin of the R.A.F. roundel to the shape and colours of the Ethiopian national aircraft marking.-From the serial of a F.E.2d built in Suffolk to the serial of the Mig 15 the Americans induced a North Korean pilot to surrender.-From the marking of wound stripes on Italian aircraft in 1918 to the marking of donkey silhouettes on American C-54s to represent transport missions during the Korean war.-From the marking of a Dunne Dl in 1907 to an essay on the future of aircraft markings ! In fact, all that one could possibly expect on the subject of Aircraft Camouflage and Markings 1907-1954.

{Author / Publisher / Date}by Bruce Robertson
Harleyford 1966 6th impression 232pp profusely illustrated with photos and drawings, some colour
{condition}near fine, d/j slightly worn at top edge.
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