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Aircraft Markings of The World 1912-1967

Aircraft Markings of The World 1912-1967

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{detailed description}Here is a book that explains the aircraft markings of every country of the world and uses them to reflect the world-wide changes that have taken place over the past fifty years.
International organizations (e.g. U.N.O., NA.T.O., Red Cross, etc.), federations, unions, commonwealths, dominions, monarchies, republics, states, condominiums, free cities, protectorates, colonies, principalities - all have had jurisdiction over aircraft operated by, or within, their respective spheres of influence, and all had aircraft distinctively marked and indicative of their status.
Popular abbreviations are explained in full and foreign wordings translated. The esprit de corps and traditions of many Commonwealth squadrons and units are presented by a display of their badges. Additionally a similar display is given of university squadron badges. A total of no less than 99
The modeller will find the significance of markings of interest, but he needs something more to complete the decor of his models, and his requirements are met in Aircraft Markings by the correct size, shape, shade and proportions of the markings, given by many dimensioned drawings, photographs and descriptions.
Serial and coding systems used by various nations are explained, and for regulated systems the key information is given. Tables are presented for systems where numbers or letters assist in type recognition or unit identity.
Among many new facts presented are the " chapter-and-verse " instructions for the 1944 " invasion stripes " of the 1939-1945 War, and among the hundreds of photographs, many not hitherto published, are new shots of aircraft in " Suez stripes." Every aspect and facet of markings is covered-air ambulance markings, mission silhouettes, pages of the 1914-1918 War squadron markings, camouflage schemes, etc.
This book deals also with civil aviation, and covers the gap in both civil and military aviation from 1954 until 1967. In these years over twenty new air forces have evolved from the African emergent nations and sheikdoms in the Middle East. Strident changes have been effected in the Far East and to a lesser degree in Europe and the American continent. presented in this book.

Among the unique features of Aircraft Markings is a world aircraft marking chronology from 1912 to mid-1967, giving precise dates of marking changes. In no other volume have national markings, covering over fifty years, been presented in full colour.
The civil and military markings of no fewer than 165 countries are described in detail, while a world map, index and chronology make this the perfect reference book on Aircraft Markings of the World 1912-1967.

{Author / Publisher / Date}by Bruce Robertson
Harleyford 1967 1st edn. 232pp prof. illus. b&w photos line drgs. col. drgs. 22x28
{condition}fine, d/j rubbed, with 6mm closed tear to front.
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