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Aircraft of the RAAF 1921 to 1971

Aircraft of the RAAF 1921 to 1971

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{detailed description}from the book's introduction:
This book has been produced as a pictorial review of aircraft types in conjunction with the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the Royal Australian Air Force, which this year proudly records its fifty years of service to the British Commonwealth and Nation. Formed around a small but dedicated nucleus in 1921, only two years after the Australian Flying Corps of the First World War was disbanded, the RAAF has contributed in no small measure to Australia's relatively short, but colorful, history.
The compilation of this book has been facilitated by the fullest support and cooperation from the RAAF, so that it is now hoped to offer, from the many valuable documents and rare photographs made availale, not only a visual presentation of the various machines used down through the years, but something of a historical record of aviation in this country as well.
Most of the shots in this book were taken by the RAAF's top photographers, and the air-to-air shots in particular, probably represent as fine a selection as are available anywhere. Fitting tribute is due to those concerned for their artistry and skill.
An effort has been made throughout these pages to keep in mind the special needs of the aircraft historian and modeller, and consequently the forty full-color aircraft paintings were produced from the most accurate drawing and photographic references available. Much highly-detailed research has also been carried out into the great variety of color schemes used by each aircraft type, so that with only one exception-the Walrus used in the Antarctic-the true appearance of each individual machine can be established beyond any reasonable doubt.
Regrettably, it was not possible to illustrate every single type, either because no pictorial records exist of the rarer machines in RAAF service, or because the photographs which were available were not considered of sufficient merit to warrant inclusion. In some cases, however, the exception has been made where an aircraft could be shown in civil markings, if at some time that same machine was impressed for RAAF use. For these liberties the authors make due apology and accept full responsibility.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Geoffrey Pentland and Peter Malone
Published by Kookaburra 1971 1st edition. 147pp profusely illustrated, index, appendix. 22x29
{condition}slightly bumped, some pages stained at bottom edge, text and photos largely unaffected, no d/j.
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