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Airspeed: The Company and its Aeroplanes

Airspeed: The Company and its Aeroplanes

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{detailed description}Airspeed Limited was an act of faith on the part of four men, Nevil Shute Norway (better known as novelist Nevil Shute), Alfred Hessell Tiltman, Sir Alan Cobham and Lord Grimthorpe. Formed in the midst of one of the worst economic depressions in history, the company found a place among the pioneers of flying and was technically years ahead of its time, even though profit eluded it for much of its life.
Airspeed produced the Courier small airliner which was notable for introducing the retractable undercarriage, but its name will be for ever linked with two aircraft which played vital roles in the Second World War, the Oxford twinengined trainer and the Horsa military glider. No fewer than 8,586 Oxfords were built, and they were used both in this country and throughout the Commonwealth to train pilots who were to fly the four-engined bombers and twin-engined fighters which carried the war to enemy territory.
The story of Airspeed Limited is a story of people in the design office, on the shop floor and in the cockpit who built up a tradition that was to live on even after Airspeed had been absorbed by the de Havilland Aircraft Company. On the day that the Airspeed factory at Portsmouth closed the works manager, who had arrived there as a de Havilland man, told the author "I look upon myself as an Airspeed man now." A remarkable tribute to a remarkable company.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by D. H. Middleton
published by Terence Dalton 1982 1st edn. 206pp illustrated, index 18x23
{condition}very good in edge-worn and curled d/j
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