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Bell Aircraft Since 1935

Bell Aircraft Since 1935

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{detailed description}Bell was a latecomer on the aviation scene and began by producing a number of innovative designs, most of which met with limited success. These included the P-39 Airacobra and the P-63 Kingcobra single-seat fighters with midship engines and shaft-driven propellers, and the unorthodox twin-engined five-crew Y FM-I fighter. In 1941 the USAAF asked Bell to undertake a jet fighter design and this resulted in the P-69 Airacomet. Bell's outstanding success has been achieved with a large family of superb helicopters. The Bell 47, which first flew in December 1945, was the first commercial helicopter to achieve US type approval. Most Bell helicopters have a single main rotor and include the Sioux, Iroquois, Cobra, HueyCobra, SeaCobra, Kiowa, JetRanger and SeaRanger. These helicopters have been produced in thousands for civil and military operators throughout the world An exception to the single-rotor layout was the tandem rotor HSL produced for the US Navy Produced jointly With Boeing is the tilting rotor V-22 Osprey which may prove to be one of Bell's most Important designs. This work describes all the Bell products and each type is well illustrated.
Cover illustration: An original painting by Wilfred Hardy G.Av.A. which depicts the Bell XS-I, first aircraft to exceed the speed of sound, shown at the start of a rocket-powered flight over the Mojave Desert in California, 1947. The pilot has fired the first of four rocket chambers and is accelerating away from his Lockheed F-80 chase plane.

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1992 1st edn. 255pp (large format)
{condition}fine, d/j carries minor marks to rear panel
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