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Birds and Fishes

Birds and Fishes

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{detailed description}Scientists now tell us that birds were born when a primitive fish came out of the sea to lay eggs on land—a neat solution to the mystery which has baffled so many millions. In spite of this common ancestory, however, birds and fishes have been enemies ever since, even to the point at which a German U-boat commander exclaimed during the Battle of the Atlantic, 'This is a mad war between birds and fishes. On the surface of the sea or just below it the battle is fought and the attack is over in a matter of seconds—kill or be killed.'
But the coastal air forces who earned this tribute had no easy birth themselves. The first offer of the Wright brothers' aircraft patent to the Admiralty in 1908 was refused at once. Short shrift was given in the same year to a report by Commander Newton advocating a Naval Air Service. But the following year some action was taken and the embryo of the Royal Naval Air Service came into being—with a strength of one officer and one rating.
From this meagre beginning Sir Philip Joubert builds a splendidly comprehensive account of this branch of the Royal Air Force that served Britain so valiantly in two world wars and in the uneasy times of peace that have gone with them. In doing so he has made not only an absorbingly readable book, a book that is well-informed because he was so central a figure in it all, but he has also paid fine tribute to men of whom too little has been heard.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by A. C. M. Sir Philip Joubert
published by Hutchinson 1960 1st edn. 224pp illustrated, index 14x22
{condition}very good in slightly worn d/j.
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