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Blackburn Aircraft Since 1909

Blackburn Aircraft Since 1909

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{detailed description}This work presents the absorbing story of a great Yorkshire enterprise amid a wealth of intimate detail beginning in 1908 when young Robert Blackburn, inspired by the exploits of famous French aviators, designed his first aeroplane in Paris. Tried out on the Yorkshire coast in 1909, it was ancestor to a long line of Blackburn aircraft designed and built on Humberside during more than half a century.
Between the wars the Dart—RiponBaffin—Shark family of classic folding-wing, deck-landing torpedo biplanes and the majestic Iris and Perth flying-boats firmly established the company as specialists in the construction of aircraft for the Fleet. They also built many unusual military and civil prototypes, the beautiful Lincock single-seater; the Bluebird and B-2 trainers; the Skua, Roc and Botha of the Second World War; and in recent years the Firebrand, the Beverley freighter and that naval masterpiece the Buccaneer low-level strike fighter.
These are among more than 5o military and civil types described in exhaustive detail with specifications, full production lists and complete history of each individual aircraft.
Free access to the company's archives has enabled the author to illustrate the book with a large number of rare and historically important photographs, previously unpublished, and to present a mass of new and authentic data on all Blackburn types and all unbuilt projects.
To recreate the unique land-sea atmosphere of the Brough works, scene of a lifetime's endeavour by a small but dedicated team of designers and engineers, well illustrated introductory chapters present a history of the Blackburn company, its managership of the Greek National Aircraft Factory and the activities of the North Sea Aerial and General Transport Co. Ltd in the fields of air transport and flying training. Blackburn modifications to American naval types 1940-1945 are fully covered and the book concludes with a section on construction for other manufacturers, the first complete list of Blackburn designations ever to be published, listings of the whole Brough output since 1920 and fleet lists of all transport and trainer aircraft flown by operating subsidiaries.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by A. J. Jackson
1968 1st edition. 555pp
{condition}very good, dust jacket rubbed and spine faded
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