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Blitz on Britain 1939-1945

Blitz on Britain 1939-1945

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{detailed description}During the latter half of the 1930s the fear of a possible aerial 'knock-out blow' on Great Britain was a dominating factor in formulating national policy. This book analyses the validity of the pre-war fears and compares them with the capabilities of the Luftwaffe in 1939. It then goes on to describe in detail the bombing attacks on Britain during the years that followed together with the operations of the defences to parry them. From the start, the air defences proved able to take a heavy toll of the bombers attacking Britain by day. By night it was a different matter. Initially the fighter and gun defences were lucky if between them they were able to knock down one or two bombers out of three or four hundred involved in a night attack. From this poor beginning the defences improved out of all recognition. When the Germans launched a series of attacks on London early in 1944, it cost them one bomber and four trained crewmen for every five British civilians killed.
This book is the first non-official history on the subject to make use of the wartime documents recently released to the Public Record Office in London. In addition, the author has received material from official German sources and has made use of his unequalled range of contacts amongst ex-members of the Royal Air Force and the Luftwaffe. As a result Blitz on Britain is a completely objective two-sided account containing much new information, which will enable the reader to see the bombing attacks on Britain during the Second World War in an entirely new perspective.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Alfred Price
published by Ian Allan 1977 1st edn. 192pp profusely illustrated, index, appendix. 18x24
{condition}very good in spine faded d/j.
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