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Bombers Patrol and Transport Aircraft 1939-45

Bombers Patrol and Transport Aircraft 1939-45

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{detailed description}Just as the impetus of war brought great strides forward in the speed and firepower of the world's fighters, so did it prompt a similar advance in the two key factors that provide the bomber's raison d'être: payload and range. Indeed, the typical pre-war medium bomber, with a maximum load of around 4,000 lb, soon found its abilities not only overtaken by the larger, four-engined „heavies", but seriously challenged also by single-engined fighters which could carry a 2,000 lb war load at much higher speeds over medium ranges. The supreme load-carrier was the version of the Lancaster modified to carry the giant 22,000 lb "Grand Slam" bomb, but 12,000 lb or more was well within the capacity of the principal heavy bombers of the later war years. It is a curious fact that most of these flew on the Allied side: Germany and Italy each had only one four-engined bomber type in service, neither of which appeared in great numbers, and Japan had none at all. In the final analysis it was a bomber, the Superfortress, that delivered the coup de grace which brought World War 2 to its dramatic end in August 1945.
Reconnaissance, and in particular the interpretation of reconnaissance photographs, became a highly expert operation as the war progressed, and many of the faster fighters or higher-flying light bombers were produced also in reconnaissance versions. Moreover, with the war spread literally over all quarters of the globe, the work carried out by over-water patrol aircraft, whether anti-submarine warfare in the major oceans or the sheer humanitarian task of air/sea rescue in more local waters, assumed greater and more important proportions than ever before.
This volume deals, in a now familiar style, with the principal wartime types in each of the three categories covered by the title. A full list of the other volumes in this series appears on the rear flap of this jacket.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Kenneth Munson
published by Blandford 1st edn 1969 Well illustrated with 3 view colour drawings, index. 12x19
{condition}fine, d/j very good
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