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Bombing 1939-45

Bombing 1939-45

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{detailed description}BOMBING 1939-45 The Air Offensive against Land Targets in World War II
Over 3 million tons of bombs were dropped against land targets during the Second World War. In Bombing 1939- 45, Karl Hecks traces in detail the multi- faceted story of that air bombardment, over six years of intensive development and growth. What began as much feared but largely unproven concepts evolved into a variety of techniques, from precision low-level bomb and rocket attacks against troops and transport, through to the still controversial destruction of cities on a huge scale, by day, by night and through overcast cloud. It is a story of innovation and expediency, measure and countermeasure, failure and success. The book deals with the aircraft, weapons, techniques and tactics used, and with every war theatre - the coverage ranges from close support at the battlefront, to the major German, British and US strategic bombing campaigns. A wealth of graphic photographs accompany an encyclopaedic text. This study of the development and application of offensive air power in its greatest era will serve both as an introduction to the subject, and as a lasting and comprehensive reference work.
Topics covered in the book:
Blitzkrieg, and Stuka dive-bombing. The Soviet Shturmovik. Strafing, bomb and rocket attacks by fighter-bombers. Harassment bombing. Day bomber formations. The development of escort fighters. Navigation and blind-bombing aids (Gee, Knickebein, Oboe, H2S etc.) Night target illumination and marking. The RAF's Pathfinder Force. Master Bombers. Radar and countermeasures (Window, Mandrel, 100 Group, etc.) New bombs (Tallboy and Grand Slam, bouncing bombs, rocket bombs, guided bombs, the rubber bomb) Glide bombs, glider bombs, glider bombers. Crowsfeet and trail weapons. Balloon bombing. Chemical and biological weapons. The race for the Atomic bomb. Deception and decoys. Emergency provisions (Air-Sea Rescue, FIDO, emergency landing grounds) 'Area' bombing v. precision bombing. Incendiaries, napalm, firestorms. Major and innovative raids.

{Author / Publisher / Date}by Karl Hecks
published by Robert Hale 1990 1st edn. 304pp illustrated, index, bibliography 15x22
{condition}fine, in spine faded d/j
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