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British Aviation: The Adventuring Years 1920-1929

British Aviation: The Adventuring Years 1920-1929

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{detailed description}British Aviation: The Adventuring Years tells the continuing story of the British aircraft industry during the decade from 1920 to 1929 - one of the really fascinating periods in aviation history. This was when the foundations of air transport were laid and the first great trunk air services were established as part of a world-wide system of communications linking Britain and her Empire, later to become the British Commonwealth of Nations. The story also covers the pioneer peace-keeping work of the Royal Air Force overseas and its fight for modern equipment. It was during this time that the structures of British aeroplanes were gradually changed from wood to metal. Although economy dictated the prolonged use of wartime and immediately post-war designs, numerous interesting proto- types were built, and gradually much more advanced aeroplanes entered service - the famous line of Hawker biplanes of the Hart and Fury series emerged, as did the predecessor of the Gauntlet and Gladiator. The 1920s saw not only the initiation of private flying and gliding but many great pioneering flights, including the first between the United Kingdom and South Africa and the first nonstop flight to India. The period was also that in which Cobham made his outstanding surveys of the trunk routes, including his epic flying boat circuit of Africa. In the transport field were the Argosy and Hercules three-engined biplanes and the metal hulled Calcutta flying boat, which was eventually to lead to the outstanding family of Short flying boats destined to give great service to British civil and military aviation. It was in this decade, too, that the Rolls-Royce 'R' engine and the Gloster and Supermarine Schneider Trophy seaplanes were developed - the 'R' engine in subsequent form and the successors of the Supermarine seaplanes were largely to make possible the saving of the nation only a decade later. The history of this vital time is described in great detail and brings to life the men, machines and events. The narrative is illustrated by more than 600 photographs and drawings - many not previously seen.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Harald Penrose
1973 1st edn. 727pp
{condition}near fine, d/j slightly rubbed at top edge and spine slightly faded
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