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British Civil Aircraft 1919-59 Volume 2

British Civil Aircraft 1919-59 Volume 2

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{detailed description}This volume of British Civil Aircraft is uniform with the first and continues the history of all transport and light aircraft designed and built in Britain, or imported for civilian use under British ownership, in the half-century since the commencement of civil flying in 1919. The alphabetical location of an abnormally high concentration of aircraft manufacturers in the A, B and C range, some of whom were among the world's most prolific constructors of civil aircraft, resulted in the termination of the first volume when only the Chilton D. W.1 had been reached. Thereafter companies' names are distributed more evenly through the alphabet so that the present volume, although equal in size, commences with the Chrislea C. H.3 Ace and describes every type right through to the Hawker-Siddeley H. S.650 Argosy. In so doing it covers the entire massive output of major British companies such as Cierva, Comper, de Havilland, Desoutter, General Aircraft and Handley Page and in addition to recalling epic flights and famous pilots, also tells the story of the development of rotary winged flight and the single-seat sportplane; and describes the advent of the Moth and the founding of the flying club movement; the introduction of cabin comfort; of bold structural explorations; and the building of the classic pre-1939 'giant airliners'.
This is a reprint, with numerous minor amendments, of the revised second edition. The work was undertaken by the author's son, Roger Jackson.
Cover illustration: an original painting by Keith Woodcock of the de Havilland D. H.88 Comet Grosvenor House.

Originally published in 1959-60 as "British Civil Aircraft 1919-1959" and re-titled as "British Civil Aircraft Since 1919" when 2nd editions were published in the early 1970's it was finally titled as "British Civil Aircraft 1919-1972" when Conway Maritime Press reprinted the 2nd editions with corrections in 1987-88. To further confuse things the 1988 2nd edition reprint of volume 2 has "British Civil Aircraft Since 1919 Volume 2" on the title page and "British Civil Aircraft 1919-1972 Volume 2" on the d/j.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by A. J. Jackson
1988 2nd edn. reprinted with corrections 560pp
{condition}fine in loose poly covered d/j.
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