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British Military Helicopters

British Military Helicopters

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{detailed description}Thirty years ago, the world's first opposed helicopter-borne assault was launched. On 6 November 1956, 21 British Sycamore and Whirlwind helicopters began ferrying the men of 45 Commando from the aircraft carriers Ocean and Theseus; in an hour and a half, more then 400 men, with their weapons and ammunition, had been placed ashore at the head of the Suez Canal.
Since then, helicopters have taken a vital place in the inventories of the world's armed forces. They have been adapted to suit a wide range of requirements - transport of men, munitions and supplies, the evacuation of casualties, reconnaissance and observation, command, control and communications. Increasing technological and tactical sophistication has led to
additional, more specialized roles, including electronic warfare, ground attack and anti-submarine warfare. Today's helicopters present some of the most exciting developments in aviation.
British Military Helicopters presents an authoritative and up-to-date account of the British helicopter industry from the very beginning to the present day. The evolution, manufacture and service of each helicopter type is described, with a discussion of the design criteria and assessment of how final performance compared with specification and purpose. Technical aspects of each aircraft are detailed, and there are three-view line drawings and more than 200 photographs to illustrate the text. The photographs provide comprehensive coverage of the different types showing some prototypes and development models and the machines in service with the armed forces. Included also is coverage of the types manufactured for foreign buyers.
By way of introduction, the author describes the origins of the autogiro and the helicopter, including the many strange and often unsuccessful projects of the 1920s and 1930s. The main narrative, however, examines development by manufacturer and type, with further consideration of current trends, the future and tactical uses of helicopters:
The Cierva Helicopters: W-5, Britain's first successful helicopter, Air Horse and Skeeter
The Bristol Helicopters: Sycamore and Belvedere
Fairey Rotary-Wing Aircraft: Gyrodyne, Rotodyne and the Ultra-Light Helicopter design of the 1950s
Westland turns to the USA: Dragonfly, Widgeon and Whirlwind
Westminster and the Wessex
Light Helicopters for the Army and Navy: Scout, Wasp and Sioux
The Sea King Family
The French Connection: Puma, Gazelle and Lynx 4
The Westland 30 and the EH-101: the latest British helicopter designs
The Future: composite materials, better engines, refined avionics and night vision
British Helicopters in the European Land Battle: tactical evolution and potential roles

Appendices include a complete list of British rotary-wing aircraft, notable projects and designs, aero engine companies and a helpful glossary of the technical terms peculiar to helicopter technology.
This is the first major, in-depth study to document British military helicopters; to complete the development line and ensure that events and decisions are seen in their proper historical perspective; civil designs and projects have also been included. The result is an authoritative and complete history of Britain's helicopter manufacturing industry that will be of interest and value both to aviation enthusiasts and students of modern military history.

{Author / Publisher / Date}by John Everett-Heath
published by AAP 1986 1st edn. 224pp profusely illustrated, index, appendix, bibliography 20x25
{condition}very good, inc. d/j.
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