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British Piston Aero-Engines and Their Aircraft

British Piston Aero-Engines and Their Aircraft

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{detailed description}Alec Lumsden has compiled a book which will be essential reading for aviation historians. His book records 3,116 types of aircraft in which British aero-engines were flown, including examples of the many foreign-built aircraft. It is the first serious attempt to link these engines, their design and development with the aircraft which they powered.
In this book are reviewed 873 types of engine, built and flown in Britain up to 1955. A further 95 types of engine were built and run but proof of flight is unrecorded, many development engines having been confined to the test-bed as prototypes of production models. From the mid-fifties, the gas turbine very rapidly took over as the major military and civil power unit, further development of the big piston aero-engine virtually ceasing.
The working day of the big, powerful and noisy piston aero-engine may now seem to be almost over but this book is also a reminder that the ancestry of the present huge jet engines goes back to the supercharger. the principal mechanical means by which the piston engine developed its great power.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Alec Lumsden
published by Airlife 1997 reprint 322pp profusely illustrated, index, appendices, bibliography. 22x31
{condition}fine, in price clipped d/j.
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