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Bullseye One Reactor

Bullseye One Reactor

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{detailed description}Imagine yourself skimming over a vast barren desert at cactus-top level so fast the ground is a blur as you carefully navigate the sleek F-16 fighter/bomber on a mission of destroying the world's first nuclear target.
The area is ringed with killer SAM missiles and devastating anti-aircraft fire which can be a threat to your very existence. The target is a reactor designed to build atomic bombs to destroy you, your family and your country. What's going through your mind, knowing you or some of your fellow pilots are destined not to return from this near suicidal mission flown 1,200 miles entirely over hostile territory?
Never before has so much been revealed and disclosed about how the top secret Israeli Air Force operates, trains and plans.
At first, the Israeli government tries intense political persuasion on the free world to stop a dictator's effort aimed at its destruction. Next, sabotage of critical nuclear reactor parts happens just prior to a shipment bound for Iraq. And again, last ditch behind-the-scenes and public diplomatic efforts are initiated by Israel as a threatening deadline approaches.
Finally, with the reactor days away from being filled with deadly radioactivity, Prime Minister Menachem Begin makes a decision that will stun the world. On June 7, 1981 he sends the IAF on the riskiest mission it had ever attempted. Losses were expected to be high, but there was no alternative to such a sacrifice, if Israel was to be spared nuclear annihilation.
In spellbinding detail, Dan McKinnon captures a piece of dramatic real-life history by an air force that has become legendary for its daring exploits as it achieves another first — the first successful use of conventional weapons of one nation to destroy the nuclear capability of another nation.{Author / Publisher / Date}by Dan McKinnon
Published by Airlife 1988 1st edition. 200pp illustrated, maps, bibliography. 16x24
{condition}mint, including d/j.
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