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sadly, flyingbooks is now closed.

{detailed description}Flying is not inherently dangerous; statistically it is nearly 20 times safer to get airborne in an airliner than to travel by car. It is just that the sky can be a particularly unforgiving place to be. Whether you sit in an air defence fighter or a basic trainer, whether you exceed the speed of sound or transit leisurely at 50mph, when it all goes quiet there is no pulling into the kerb and finding a garage. If you hit a motorway barrier, you may be deflected off; there is no bouncing a Harrier off a hillside. Andrew Brookes has gathered together varied and captivating accounts of military flying accidents ranging from the Wright brothers' early flops to high-tech incidents of the supersonic era. His narrative is not only informative, but also strikes a balance between the variables of operating and surviving, passing on food for thought rather than pious platitudes. However, his final - and perhaps most perceptive - observation is that there are no new accidents, only new pilots.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Andrew Brookes
published by Ian Allan 1991 1st edn. 176pp illustrated, index, bibliography 16x24
{condition}foxing to edges otherwise good, inc. d/j
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