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Dorset Flight

Dorset Flight

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{detailed description}This book celebrates Dorset's national and world aviation "firsts" from the first century of powered flight ...
See the entry for Saladin, off Eype at Symondsbury, for the first (and so far only) Member of Parliament to disappear in a balloon.
See entry for Wallis Down Aerodrome, administratively across the High Road from the Dorset parish of Kinson in the Branksome district of Poole, for Dorset and Bournemouth's first airfield.
See entries for Rolls and Bournemouth crashes for the first British death from powered flight,
See entry for Samson, off Portland, for the world's first flight from a moving ship.
See entry for Rhodes-Moorhouse, from Beaminster, for the first crossing of the English Channel by a pilot with passengers.
See entry for Farman, off Bournemouth, for the first float-plane to visit the Dorset-Hampshire coast
See entry for Beale, from Bournemouth, for the world's first flying Father Christmas.
See entry for Rhodes-Moorhouse, of Parnham House, for the first flyer to win the Victoria Cross.
See entry for Strange, from Worth Matravers, for the only flyer to be among those who first flew to war in France, with the Royal Flying Corps and would still be in front-line combat on the day of the Armistice plus the remarkable additional feat of returning from France in a Hurricane during Hitler's repeat performance.
See entry for the Schneider Trophy Contest, off Bournemouth and Studland, for the first time this international sea-plane event visited the British coast.
See entry for Cobham, who would adopt Tarrant Rushton, for the first flight over the Himalayas, the first return flight from London to Cape Town, then a flight to Australia and back, plus flying around the entire African continent for the first time in history.
See entry for Peto for the loss of the world's first and only submarine-launched aircraft, with its parent vessel HMS M2, off Portland Bill.
... and that only brings us to 1932 — the list continues inside !
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Rodney Legg
published by Dorset Publishing 2001 1st edn. 296pp profusely illustrated. 22x31
{condition}mint, d/j slightly creased at top edge
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