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Eagle in Flames

Eagle in Flames

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{detailed description}In his book Phoenix Triumphant E. R. Hooton charted the rise of the Luftwaffe during its development as a core element of Germany's expansionism under the Third Reich. In July 1940 it was dominant in the skies above Europe and, like its land and naval equivalents, was carrying Hitler to his intended control of the Continent. Then, a few months later, it had been defeated in the Battle of Britain and was beginning to feel the pain of reversals on other fronts.
In this companion volume the author explains this turnabout and follows the demise to defeat and surrender.
How close did the Luftwaffe come to winning the war for Germany? Did command errors contribute to the downfall? Could more, newer and better-equipped aircraft have beaten the Allies, even after the failures of 1940? Could the Luftwaffe ever have survived the unreasonable dictates of the Führer?
By means of deeply researched analytical text and extensive appendices, the reader is guided through the complexities of the air war from 1940 to D-Day and will gain a new understanding of how the Luftwaffe snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by E. R. Hooton
Published by Brockhampton 1999 352pp illustrated, index, appendices, bibliography. 16x24
{condition}fine, including d/j.
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