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Fight For The Sky

Fight For The Sky

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{detailed description}Group Captain Douglas Bader has become a legend in his lifetime. Legendary too are Britain's two most famous fighters, the Spitfire and the Hurricane. Perhaps no one is better suited than Douglas Bader to tell their story.
Bader lost both his legs as a result of a flying accident in 1931, was invalided from the Royal Air Force in 1933, and rejoined in 1939. He first saw action in a Spitfire over Dunkirk, and in a Hurricane during the Battle of Britain. He rapidly became one of Britain's foremost aces. In August 1941 he was brought down over France and made a prisoner.
His story begins with the birth of these two great fighting aeroplanes. Then he follows their fortunes through the war. The Spitfire and Hurricane fought all over the world. They flew high, they flew low - on land and on sea; they were adapted to many military and naval tasks. But their greatest contribution was when the Royal Air Force was fighting for the sky in the high summer of 1940 and the Hurricane and the Spitfire outfought the Luftwaffe to change the course of history. Douglas Bader's story is interlaced with his own experiences and those of his fellow pilots. He assesses the aeroplanes themselves, describes his methods of fighting and recounts some of his more memorable experiences. At the same time a number of 'aces' alive today have contributed pieces specially for the book.
The book is superbly illustrated not only with black and white action photographs but also with rare and remarkable colour photographs.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Douglas Bader
published by Sidgwick and Jackson 1973 1st edn. 192pp illustrated, some colour, index 19x25
{condition}good, inc. d/j
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