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Fighters Attack and Training Aircraft 1914-19

Fighters Attack and Training Aircraft 1914-19

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{detailed description}When war broke out in Europe in August 1914 there were no specialised fighters, only a handful of "high performance scouts" whose 90 m.p.h. was "dangerously fast", and even these carried no regular armament. By November 1918, two-gun fighters capable of 120 m.p.h. were standard, and individual designs for more specialised duties had made their appearance. The airmen and aircraft of the First World War—the first air war—have a special place in history which has perhaps become over-glamourised. Certainly there were outstanding aeroplanes and ,heroic airmen, but in both the human and the technical fields of aeronautical endeavour 1914-18 was very much a period of trial and error in which, in the words of one great pioneer, "some of us were lucky and some of us weren't".
Such, too, was the expansion of the combatant air forces, once it was realised how decisive a role aircraft were playing in the overall war effort, that for the first time on any scale organised flying training became a necessity, creating a demand for "school" aeroplanes in ever-increasing numbers.
The 80 aircraft in this volume reflect the evolution of such machines throughout the first truly formative period in military aviation history. The period 191419 is selected so as to include certain important types designed during the war, but which arrived too late for combat service.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Kenneth Munson
published by Blandford 1st edn 1968 Well illustrated with 3 view colour drawings, index. 12x19
{condition}small inscription to front endpaper, otherwise very good, slight foxing to d/j
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