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Fighting The Bombers

Fighting The Bombers

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{detailed description}Fighting the Bombers includes the writings of such notables as Messerschmitt, Galland, Kammhuber and von Rohden and is edited by David C. Isby.
It is an unrivalled look at the Allied bombing campaign from the point of view of the Luftwaffe establishment and command. The contributing authors were involved in all aspects of German attempts to stem the unrelenting bombardment from the RAF and USAAF; from tactics in the sky and development of the planes themselves, to long term strategy and planning on the ground, and the implementation of sophisticated radio and radar equipment.
These reports were written immediately after the war, in 1945 and 1946 when most of the authors were prisoners of war, and for the most part were prepared without the aid of official documentation and records. As such they represent a view not coloured by reflection or by `party lines' that became established in the post-war years, and clearly show the development of the Luftwaffe —particularly the tactics and equipment used for night flying — as the war progressed and give a clear history of attempts to defend the Reich from aerial attack. The book also benefits from having been written specifically for an audience well-versed in military aviation affairs, the allied aviation and intelligence services. The detail contained in the reports is unique and allows the reader a fresh perspective on this famous campaign.

David C. Isby is a Washington-based attorney and defence and foreign policy consultant. He has served as a congressional staff member and provided analytical support for US multilateral and bilateral arms control negotiations. A former editor of Strategy & Tactics Magazine, he has designed 19 published wargames, including the award-winning Air War. He has written extensively on defence analysis and military history, including editing The Luftwaffe Fighter Force: The View From the Cockpit, Fighting the Invasion, and Fighting in Normandy, all published by Greenhill.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Various authors
published by Greenhill Books 2003 1st edn. 256pp illustrated 16x24
{condition}fine in creased d/j
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