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First of the Many: A Journal of Action With The Men of The 8th Air Force

First of the Many: A Journal of Action With The Men of The 8th Air Force

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{detailed description}The First Of The Many were the original officers, the combat crews and ground crews of the British-based 8th US Army Air Force – the first American invaders of Germany. This book tells the stories of the men and their deeds as they told them to "Tex" McCrary, who shared ten missions with them as a photographer-gunner.
Among the 'first of the many' were fighter pilots who had been in the Philippines and the South Pacific; and the Eagles, impatient young Americans who joined the RAF before Pearl Harbor, later transferring to the 8th.
This is a story of epic military importance: the accomplishment of precision bombing of German targets by day. It is also a personal history of the men who took part, who recount in their own words their spectacular and legendary exploits.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Captain John R. Mc.Rary and David E. Scherman
Published by Robson Books 1981edition (of 1944 1st) 242pp illustrated. 17x24
{condition}worn egdes, otherwise good, d/j torn and tape repaired.
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