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Flying Buccaneers

Flying Buccaneers

Flying Buccaneers

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{detailed description}Here is the first complete history of the Fifth Air Force - one of the most colorful, innovative and effective combat units of World War II.
Under the leadership of General George C. Kenney, the airmen of the Fifth distinguished themselves in almost all the major engagements of the Pacific air war - reversing the Japanese tide of conquest in New Guinea, leading the way for Mac-Arthur's triumphant return to the Philippines, and participating in the final air strikes over Japan before the decision to drop the nuclear bomb which ended the war. Inspired by the courage, dedication, and ingenuity of their commander, the men of the Fifth overcame severe shortages of aircraft and supplies to become a legendary fighting force.
Steve Birdsall tells their story in a fascinating blend of history and anecdote, combining official accounts with the reminiscences of the veterans themselves, and bringing to life not only the battles, but such personalities as Art Rogers and the Jolly Rogers, the brilliant tactician Ken McCullar, Dick Bong and Tommy McGuire - the two top fighter aces of the war - and many more.
Highlighting the text are over two hundred rare photographs of the men and aircraft of this remarkable combat unit - the Flying Buccaneers of World War II.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Steve Birdsall
published by David and Charles 1978 1st UK edn. 312pp profusely illustrated, index, appendix, bibliography 14x26
{condition}very good, including d/j.
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