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Flying Clothing

Flying Clothing

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{detailed description}Why do aircrew of high performance aircraft wear air-ventilated suits, anti-'G' trousers, partial-pressure equipment, torso harness, leg-restraint garters, bone domes, visors and oxygen masks? What is this equipment, what purpose does it serve? This, the first book to be published on flying clothing, answers all these questions and many more, tracing the development of flying clothing from the silk breeches and waistcoats worn by the eighteenth-century balloonists through the clothing worn and equipment carried by aircrew in both world wars, to the Martian-like protective clothing worn by military aircrew today. It discusses the interwar years, the birth of popular light aircraft flying, the record breakers and air displays; the twenties, the golden years of flying, when ladies could choose their flying suits from displays at Harrods or Gamages; and the thirties which saw the advent of the enclosed cockpit and the pressurised flying suit.
The authors describe the limitations of the human body in flight and show why, as aircraft developed, specialised clothing became so necessary. Because military requirements have made the most demands on the development of flying clothing, the main emphasis of the book is on this aspect. Although the book concentrates on flying clothing in Britain, it includes that of many other nations, especially America and Germany.
It is fully illustrated with fascinating photographs, many previously unpublished, as well as with detailed line drawings and colour illustrations. This book is a history of a vital aspect of man in flight. It has been thoroughly researched and is full of detail and anecdote. It will be of great interest to all aviation enthusiasts, past and present aviators, model makers and to those interested in militaria. It will also be particularly valuable to researchers and historians.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Louise Greer and Harold Anthony
published by Airlife 1982 reprint of 1979 1st profusely illustrated, index, bibliography. 22x27
{condition}With several magazine and newspaper articles and advertisements pasted in, mostly to end-papers but some throughout the book, although the text is largely unaffected. Very slight foxing to endpapers otherwise good inc. d/j.
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