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Forgotten Bombers of the Royal Air Force

Forgotten Bombers of the Royal Air Force

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{detailed description}No historian will seek to deny that the success of RAF Bomber Command in World War Two was a result of teamwork. The problem comes when one is asked to name the team!
As we all remember the more famous missions, notable squadrons and the leading air crewmen and the great aircraft we often forget the routine support flights, the units who performed them, the unsung heroes of the ground crews and the workhorse aircraft, flown with no less vigour and determination and capable of delivering potent strikes on a par with the memorable Lancasters, Wellingtons and Mosquitoes.
This book has as its objective to create an illustrated record of just a dozen of the lesser members of the Bomber Command aircraft, to ensure they are not forgotten. These aircraft were often the testbeds for new avionics, weaponry or bombing strategies, and they performed diverse operational tasks. Often they were vital to the success of a whole campaign let alone responsible for thousands of missions achieved. They may not have reached 'star status' but they were dependable, essential team players.
The author records the purpose, testing, evolution and deployment of each aircraft in its various designs. In each section are details of specification, production and squadron allocation.
The men who worked with these machines, and their families who have heard the stories of them at work, will join every aviation enthusiast in applauding this opportunity to celebrate the feats of these 'Cinderellas of the skies'.

12 Aircraft covered:
Armstrong Whitworth Whitley
Avro Manchester
Blackburn Botha
Bristol's Beaufort, Blenheim, and Bombay
Fairey Battle
Handley Page's Hampden, Hereford and Harrow
Short Stirling
Vickers Wellesley.

Jacket illustration: The Blenheim Boys. Painting by Trevor Lay.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Ken Wixey
published by Arms and Armour Press 1997 1st edn. 192pp profusely illustrated, index, bibliography 20x25
{condition}fine, d/j slightly foxed to inner
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