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Fun and Games

Fun and Games

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{detailed description}`In earlier books', says Sir Philip, 'I attempted a contribution to the history of the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force, but a life spent in the services brings many experiences not suited to inclusion in such records.
`Some could not be told till now because the people concerned were still alive, some infringe on security and cannot be told even yet in exact detail as they happened, and some belong to the lighter side of my career.
`From time to time I may have availed myself of storyteller's licence, but, oddly enough, on those very occasions when my publisher accused me of having most drawn the long bow I could truthfully plead innocence - life is like that.'
From the time when he learned to fly, in days when a handy piece of string might make the difference between a crash and a good landing, to his specialization in radar while at the Air Ministry during the Second World War, Sir Philip Joubert has always been at the focus of events. Gifted with a zest for travel, an eye for foibles of character, a lively turn as a raconteur, and an uninhibited love of good food, he makes the ideal companion behind the scenes of the historical events he commemorated more formally in The Fated Sky and such other studies as Rocket (the story of Peenemünde), Birds and Fishes (Coastal Command), and The Forgotten Ones (a tribute to the Ground Crews).
Not least in interest are the years of his retirement, when he tackled a number of daunting projects, and developed his interests in such diverse directions as exotic cookery and science fiction.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by A. C. M. Sir Philip Joubert
published by Hutchinson 1964 1st edn. 258pp index. 14x22
{condition}previous owner's stamp to front end-paper, good in d/j.
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