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Gloster Aircraft Since 1917

Gloster Aircraft Since 1917

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{detailed description}Although most renowned for its series of seaplane racers for the Schneider Trophy Contests and for fighters like the Grebe and Gamecock, Gauntlet and Gladiator, the Gloster Aircraft Company ran the gamut of design ingenuity with ultra-light single seat and fourengined transport aircraft, naval torpedo bombers, general purpose aircraft and aerial survey machines — none of which was ordered into quantity production. By chance the company was chosen to produce Britain's first jet aircraft, the E.28/39, and followed its success with the ubiquitous Meteor and the all-weather, missile-carrying Javelin, of which some 4,000 were built.
Gloster Aircraft since 1917 describes the company's formation and development in the face of a diminishing need for military aircraft and provides some fascinating insights to the manner in which it struggled to surmount the engineering and financial problems of the four decades of its existence before succumbing to the economic and political pressures of the post-1957 Defence White Paper era.
Individual chapters on Gloster aeroplanes reveal many new details of their construction, development and operational history. This section of the work deals with the well known types as well as those less publicised such as the Gambet, licence-built in Japan, the Guan and Gorcock and AS.31 . Comprehensive appendices give year by year production figures, UK and export sales, air racing successes and record achievements, hitherto unpublished information on more than too Gloster projects with many three-view drawings, allocation notes on 5,000 Gloster aeroplanes and much other new information.
The author, who is an ex-Gloster engineering apprentice, was personally involved in many aspects of the design, production and marketing of the aircraft and other products of the Hucclecote production lines during his 23 years association with Gloster Aircraft Company.
continued from front flap] The material used in the preparation of this book has been gathered during his 30 years in aviation and he has received the assistance and active cooperation of many Gloster executives and aviation historians, UK and overseas Government departments, aircraft manufacturers and operators during this period.
Jacket photograph: Latvia, one of the forgotten nations of Europe, was the first to order Gladiator Is to equip its air force in 1937.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Derek N. James
1971 1st edn. 446pp
{condition}date inked to fixed front end paper otherwise near fine, in very slightly edge worn and price clipped d/j
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