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Grumman Aircraft Since 1929

Grumman Aircraft Since 1929

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{detailed description}Although Grumman does not rank among the oldest United States Aircraft manufacturers, having been founded in 1929, within a decade it was playing a vital role in supplying outstanding naval aircraft, and during the Second World War some 40 percent of the Royal Navy's carrier-based aircraft were also supplied by Grumman.
In its early period Grumman produced a series of high-performance biplanes with retractable undercarriages but soon progressed to monoplanes, with the Wildcat, Hellcat and Avenger making important contributions to the Allied cause — particularly in the Atlantic and Pacific theatres.
After the war Grumman further enhanced its position with naval jet fighters such as the Panther and Cougar. In more recent years the company has produced aeroplanes for almost every navy task requiring fixed-wing aeroplanes.
In parallel with its high-performance naval aircraft Grumman developed its range of amphibious flying-boats, the Widgeon, Goose, Mallard and Albatross, which have seen worldwide civil and military service.
For the business world Grumman produced the propeller-turbine Gulfstream and its jet-powered successors, while its Ag-Cat biplanes have filled an agricultural role.
Rene J Francillon's book traces the development and service histories of all Grumman's aircraft from the earliest FF and SF biplanes up to today's F-14 Tomcat and the experimental X-29 with its forward-swept wing. A wide range of Grumman design projects is included.
Production lists and hundreds of photographs and drawings complete this outstanding review of one of the world's great aircraft manufacturers and its products.
Cover illustration: An original painting by Dugald Cameron of Grumman TBF-ls of VT-8 US Navy before the Battle of Midway in June 1942.{Author / Publisher / Date}by René J. Francillon
1989 1st edn. 584pp
{condition}fine, inc. d/j.
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