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Handley Page Aircraft Since 1907

Handley Page Aircraft Since 1907

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{detailed description}First heard in aviation a few years before the 1914-18 war, the name of Handley Page became one to conjure with when strategic bombing of Rhineland armament factories began in 1917 as a counterblow to the German submarine blockade of the British Isles. The twin-engined 0/400 'Bloody Paralyser' became the mainstay of the Independent Force and, but for the Armistice, the even larger four-engined V/1500 would have bombed Berlin itself in 1918. After the war an 0/400 and a V/1500 were the first two aircraft to fly all the way from England to India, and soon afterwards Handley Page pioneered commercial air transport services across the English Channel and in China, India and South Africa, though only the European airline survived, to become a major constituent of Imperial Airways in 1924.
Hyderabads, Hinaidis and Heyfords continued the Handley Page twin-engine tradition in the RAF's peacetime night bombing squadrons and several experimental prototypes were designed and built, of which the full development history has never before been told. Imperial Airways chose Hannibal four-engined airliners for its trunk routes from Egypt to India and Central Africa and these set new standards of safety, economy and comfort in the 1930s.
A new generation of twin- and four-engined monoplane bombers - Hampden and Halifax -emerged to challenge Hitler's ambition between 1935 and 1945, giving rise in turn to the Hastings and Hermes transports of the 1950s; finally the nuclear age produced the Victor transonic bomber, which remains in service as the RAF's long-range flight refuelling tanker. A new line of smaller civil transports began with the acquisition in 1948 of Miles Aircraft Ltd and from the Reading factory stemmed the very successful Dart-Herald; this continues in service with several British airlines and in South America as a reliable, sturdy and economical charter transport, as does the company's smaller final product, the Jetstream.
The book contains photographs, three-view drawings and data of every type of Handley Page aircraft built and flown, as well as many historic project drawings not previously published, and completes the author's trilogy, which already includes Bristol Aircraft since 1910 and Shorts Aircraft since 1900 in this series.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by C. H. Barnes
1976 1st edn. 664pp
{condition}very slight foxing to fore edge otherwise near fine, in price clipped d/j.
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