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Harrier at War

Harrier at War

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{detailed description}There have been several books on the Harrier, but never one like this. For the first time the reader is able to see the aircraft through the eyes of engineers and pilots who played key roles in developing the Harrier and operating it in combat: Dr John Fozard who headed the design team; Chief Test Pilot Bill Bedford who conducted the initial trials of the P1127, ancestor of the Harrier, which proved the feasibility of the entirely novel flight modes it could achieve; Wg Cdr Fred Trowern who took part in the three-nation combat evaluation of the Kestrel, developed from the P1127; Air Vice Marshal Ken Hayr who commanded No 1 Squadron when it received the first Harriers; Col Drax Williams, US Marines, who commanded attack squadron VMA-542 equipped with Harriers; Nigel ('Sharkey') Ward who commanded the initial Sea Harrier trials unit and led No 801 Squadron during the Falklands conflict; Flt Lt Dave Morgan, No 800 Squadron, the top-scoring Sea Harrier pilot; Steve Thomas, No 801 Squadron, the only Sea Harrier pilot to shoot down three enemy fast-jets; Flt Lt Tony Harper, No 1 Squadron, who flew several attack missions in Harriers; Flt Lt Jeff Glover, No 1 Squadron, the British pilot taken prisoner by Argentine troops after his Harrier was shot down; Sqn Ldr Eric Annal, who played a major part in developing the 'Blue Eric' radar jamming pod for the Harrier which was crash-produced in just two weeks; and Wg Cdr Peter Squire, who commanded No 1 Squadron during the conflict and who gives an interesting insight into present-day and future ground attack operations as he sees them.
This book gives the first-ever objective analysis of the Harrier, which casts a new light not only on the aircraft itself, but also on the nature of modern air-to-air combat and ground attack operations.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by A. Price
Published by Ian Allan 1984 1st edition. 120pp
{condition}fine, including d/j.
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