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Helicopters at War

Helicopters at War

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{detailed description}The pre-eminence of the helicopter as a modern naval and military tool was spectacularly demonstrated with its successes in the Falklands and the vital part it played in the victorious outcome.
From da Vinci to Sikorsky, the early stages of the helicopter's history are briefly outlined; detailed analysis of the craft's development begins with the experiments of the 1940s and the first true operational use in Korea. Since then the unique potential of the helicopter has been exploited to the full, and this book describes both its contributions in the Suez crisis and after and its newer roles including its functions as a counter-insurgency and antitank weapon. In non-technical language the changing style of the machine of the future is outlined.
International in scope and illustrated with 128 photographs this is the definitive account of the startling advance of one of today's most versatile military weapons.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by David Wragg
published by Robert Hale 1983 1st edn. 283pp illustrated, index 16x24
{condition}very good, in loose poly covered d/j (hence the slightly "wrinkly" image)
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