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Hell on High Ground

Hell on High Ground

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{detailed description}Since the dawn of aviation the mountains and hills of the UK and Ireland have caused havoc to low-flying aircraft. Poor navigational aids and bad weather conditions have taken their toll in peacetime as well as during the war years. In this book the author tells the stories of one hundred aircraft crashes and wherever possible he has enlisted the help of survivors, eye-witnesses, rescuers and next-of-kin. There are enthralling accounts of aircraft such as Lancasters, Spitfires, Barracudas, Wellingtons, Hurricanes, Sea Vixen, Super Sabre as well as civilian aircraft. In many cases wreckage still remains at the accident site. David W. Earl was born in Stalybridge on the edge of the Dark Peak District. His interest in aviation stems from an encounter in 1972 when he came across the wreck of an American Liberator bomber on a stretch of Derbyshire moorland.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by David W. Earl
published by Airlife 1995 1st edn. 220pp illustrated, appendices, bibliography 15x22 paperback
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