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Hurricane at War 2

Hurricane at War 2

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{detailed description}'Everything was blazing away at us from the shores all around and from ships on the Schelde. Then Mac spotted the target dead ahead and started his shallow dive. To the right of us there was a long jetty with gun emplacements and we just had to fly through a curtain of fire; tracer bullets were streaking up in front of us. I know I caught my worst hits from that area, as my aircraft started to shake, but it wasn't until I landed that I discovered the reason was that a large piece of my propeller had been shot off.
'I let fly with my salvo and turned to starboard, with my Hurricane still shaking. I was anxiously looking at my instruments, expecting the oil and radiator temperatures to start climbing, but they didn't. I said a short prayer and promised God I'd be good if he let me off this one.'
Together with the Spitfire, the Hawker Hurricane bore the brunt of the RAF fighter war in the first two years of World War 2. Even after 1941 the Hurricane continued to be a stalwart with the Royal Air Force in all theatres of the war. Its versatility and the wide range of operations flown were described in first-hand accounts in Hurricane at War, and this approach is continued in this second volume, with many new and revealing stories of action and squadron life. In addition, Norman Franks has drawn together a revealing selection of illustrations which depict the Hurricane and its pilots at war.
'When I looked at my Hurricane after force-landing at West Mailing the rear fuselage was like lace, but it had still flown. Great aeroplane.'
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Norman Franks
published by Ian Allan 1986 1st edn. 128pp
{condition}fine in price clipped d/j.
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