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Junkers: an Aircraft Album

Junkers: an Aircraft Album

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{detailed description}Achieving distinction at its start in 1915 by producing the first all-metal aircraft in the world, Junkers later developed into a mammoth enterprise. With some 140,000 employees during the later years of World War II, the Junkers group had by then become the world's largest aviation company.
Virtually every Junkers aircraft produced was constructed of metal throughout, affording them great strength and unusual longevity. Many of their earlier types were highly successful airliners, operating in all parts of the world, and perhaps the greatest fame belongs to the Ju 52/3m transport, initially flown in 1932 and going on to perform almost every conceivable civil and military aircraft function. Junkers designs such as the Ju 87 dive-bomber and Ju 88 heavy fighter/ medium bomber played a major part in Germany's 1939-45 war in the air. Less orthodox types included the herculean Ju 322 glider transport, capable of uplifting some of the heaviest vehicles with its 151 ton payload, and the "Mistletoe" composite aircraft incorporating a hollow-charge flying bomb.
An account of the development, features and career of each of the Junkers aircraft types constructed, with a full specification in all cases, forms the main body of this book. The story begins with details of the events leading to the company's formation, together with a summary of Junkers' history as a whole. At the end of the book follows a note on the fate of the company after the end of hostilities in 1945, and a production list setting out the major customers, date of first flight and numbers completed for each type.
The text is profusely illustrated, with more than 150 photographs.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by P. St. JohnTurner and Heinz Nowarra
Published by Ian Allan 1971 1st edition. 128pp profusely illustrated 23x18 landscape
{condition}very good including d/j.
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