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Lancaster - The Story of a Famous Bomber

Lancaster - The Story of a Famous Bomber

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{detailed description}"The greatest single factor in winning the War," was the tribute paid to the Avro Lancaster by Marshal of the R.A.F. Sir Arthur Harris, G.C.B., O.B.E., A.F.C., LL.D., Britain's wartime Commander-inChief of the R.A.F's Bomber Command. Now, for the first time, is published the full development and operational history of this famous aircraft.
The book is essentially the "Lancaster Story" rather than just Lancaster, for the Lancaster evolved from the Manchester and the Mk. IV and V Lancaster became the Lincoln B.1 and B.2 and thus both the unfortunate history of the Manchester and the post-war history of successful Lincolns qualify for coverage. Since the York transport used a Lancaster wing and undercarriage and the Shackleton evolved from the Lincoln, all these and the Lancastrian transports also are covered in text, photographs and drawings.
The achievements of the Lancaster are well known and are detailed in full, but there were times of doubt, structural failure or sabotage suspected, fuel troubles and unexplained accidents which, shrouded in wartime security, have only now been revealed. A German intruder setting a bomb dump on fire at a Lancaster base, a Lancaster blowing up and putting ten others out of commission, Lancasters crashing on takeoff with full bomb load and others crash landing on return in fog, bomb loading disasters, etc., are among the vast amount of hitherto unpublished material on wartime incidents.
While formal photographs show the various marks and modifications of Lancasters a large number of interesting, hitherto unpublished, photographs have been collected from world-wide sources.
Twelve tone paintings depict the Lancaster variants, its predecessors and successors. Over twenty line drawings show full marking detail and variations on these types and sectionalized drawings show interior details and equipment. There are also drawings of projected modifications such as the High Speed Lancaster and a flying boat using Lancaster wings. The text, written in narrative form, takes the reader through all the trials and tribulations of the ill-fated Manchester, the introduction of the Lancaster and its part in the famous raids-Augsburg, Le Creusot, Mohne and Eder Dams, etc.-and a hundred and one incidental details, leading finally to its subsequent withdrawal.
Where expedient, names are quoted, thus the names of hundreds of pilots and their crews, not forgetting the ground crews, are given. Wherever possible the word "Lancaster" is avoided to give the serial number of the particular aircraft that is concerned.
This book is styled similarly to "SPITFIRE-THE STORY OF A FAMOUS FIGHTER"-a recommendation in itself. With over 20,000 Spitfires it was impossible to mention each one individually. Even with 7,374 Lancasters it seemed well-nigh an impossibility! But with the prodigious research in Official Archives, log-books of individuals, help from many sources including Messrs. A. V. Roe Ltd., and the author's own extensive private records, the compilation of the service history and fate of each and every one of these 7.374 Lancasters has been attempted, and is presented in a large appendix with production details of con-tractor, output date, mark number, etc. In many cases total flying hours are given, and where Lancasters performed more than 100 operations-there were well over twenty-these are detailed.
A type-by-type review gives the specification details of the series from issue of the Manchester tender in January 1937 up to the Shackleton of today. Apart from all Marks, the various modifications are covered, including the famous "Aries" and "Thor" and the various jet-engine test-beds.
A map gives the location of all Lancaster bases, and includes other bases mentioned in the story, while an appendix provides a brief on all units using Manchesters, Lancasters and Lincolns.
An idea of the vast coverage of this book can best be gauged by posing questions for which the book has the answer in full detail: Did you know-that the dam-busting Lancaster had to be lowered on to the famous dam-busting mines?-that an Air Commodore was shot down on operations in a Lancaster?-that under the A. V. Roe repair scheme it was possible that only the log-book and number of the original aircraft survived after many repairs?-that sabotage of Lancasters was suspected and in one case proved?-how many mines were laid by Lancasters?-that fifty non-standard Mk. I Lancasters were produced?-how many 22,000lb. Grand Slams were dropped?-that the prototype Manchester had its fuselage stuffed with cabbages?-that Manchesters were shot down over this country by accident and Lancasters were shot down over England by German intruders
These are but a few of the hundreds of questions that could be posed by a reader of this book, yet he will find therein all the answers on Manchester. Lancaster and Lincoln aircraft, their design, detail and service-answers such as only the "HARLEYFORD" team could collect. collate and publish in their classic style. "Lancaster" is a story of British bombing in the last war.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Bruce Robertson
Harleyford 1967 3rd imp. 216pp profusely illustrated with black and white photos, tone drawing etc. index 22x28
{condition}very good, d/j has polythene cover taped to edges with some tape staining.
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