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Lockheed Aircraft Since 1913

Lockheed Aircraft Since 1913

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{detailed description}Lockheed Aircraft since 1913 is published to commemorate the anniversary of the rebirth of the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation in June, 1932.
The work includes a historical survey, tracing the development of Lockheed from the original work of the Loughead brothers, through the successive companies, up to its reorganisation as the present Lockheed Corporation in 1977.
The main concentration, however, is on all the aircraft designed and built by the companies from the Loughead Model G floatplane to the high-performance aircraft of the present. The design, development and service histories of each type are covered in great detail.
There is complete coverage of the great single engined transports - the Vega, Air Express and Orion; the Electra and Super Electra and Lodestar have their places; and in the postwar period the Constellation family, the propeller-turbine Electra and the trijet Tristar.
The Lockheed military family is no less distinguished, with such types as the P-38, the Neptune, Starfire, Starfighter, Galaxy, Hercules and Viking.
The U-2 series and the almost unbelievable SR-71 are dealt with as far as security allows and there is a section on Lockheed projects.
The book contains a complete production list of Lockheed aeroplanes, and is illustrated by nearly 400 photographs and 70 drawings.
Highly regarded among aeronautical writers, Rene J. Francillon is also the author of McDonnell Douglas Aircraft since 1920.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by René J. Francillon
1982 1st edition. 526pp
{condition}very good inc. d/j
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