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Luftwaffe Handbook 1939-45

Luftwaffe Handbook 1939-45

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{detailed description}Already well known as a historian of the Luftwaffe, Alfred Price has drawn on his extensive knowledge based on sixteen years of research to produce a basic reference manual on the subject. In it his main objective has been to cover his subject in broad general detail and then to answer questions on points which in the past have usually been omitted from similar works. Some major aspects of the Luftwaffe, for example, have received less than their fair share of coverage. One such is the working of the flak arm, which at the beginning of World War II engaged almost two-thirds of the manpower strength of the Luftwaffe. Another is German pilot training on which the effectiveness of flying units ultimately depended; a third is that of tactics employed by the various types of fighter and bomber units.

This (first) edition deals with organisation, tactics and equipment. A second, extended, edition was published in 1986 which also includes extracts from Luftwaffe unit war diaries, and detailed orders of battle; as well as the full text of the original.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Alfred Price
published by Ian Allan 1978 reprint 111pp profusely illustrated with b&w photos, plans, drawings, cutaways etc.18x24
{condition}very slightly yellowed in faded d/j.
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