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Luftwaffen Story 1935-1939

Luftwaffen Story 1935-1939

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{detailed description}The development of the Luftwaffe in the run up to the Second World War. Dual language publication; text in both German and English.
Judged on the number of publications dealing with the German Luftwaffe that have appeared both in Germany and abroad — mostly the latter — there must be a tremendously large number of people all over the world that are interested in this subject. Why this? It is a fact that in the Third Reich all military matters, be it the weapon development or the structure of the armed forces, were carefully kept from unauthorized eyes and this applied particularly to the highly technical Luftwaffe. The research work, started in the 'fifties by foreign specialists, has meanwhile evolved into a special branch of the air war history. Documents that have only recently been published, have led to completely new outlooks which, in turn, allow to reevaluate many things written in the immediate post-war years and to see them from a more realistic angle. Among the pacemakers in the field of Luftwaffe research is the author of this book, whose previous publications have already become indespensible sources for historians. A series of detailed air war documentations is started by Karl Ries with this volume which offers a thorough view of the organization of the —still legendary — German Luftwaffe.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Karl Ries
published by Dieter Hoffmann 1974 264pp profusely illustrated 18x24
{condition}very good, inc. d/j.
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