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Markings and Camouflage Systems of Luftwaffe Aircraft in World War Two Volume 2

Markings and Camouflage Systems of Luftwaffe Aircraft in World War Two Volume 2

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{detailed description}Luftwaffe camouflage and markings, good colour drawings of schemes, tail markings, unit emblems etc.
Dual language text in both German and English.
From the book's introduction:
It is about two years ago now, since in a 1st. Volume of this book an attempt was undertaken, to cover the field of markings and camouflage on Luftwaffe aircraft, even if fragmentary only. Shortly after this 1st. Volume was published it turned out, that such an impulse was necessary to rouse a latent interest in this field. Thanks to the help of a great number of former Luftwaffe personnel it is possible now to present a 2nd. Volume to the domestic and foreign readers. The fact that in this new Volume the more unknown part in the field of unit-insignias is presented, will be easily recognized while thumbing through these pages.
In addition, a selection of rare and prominent photos will give a far better view of unusual marking-details, then many words are able to do. So the text pages, in order to obtain more scace for illustrations were limited to the minimum necessary.
My sincere thanks again go to the many friends who assisted me with their knowledge and advices, while this book was prepared. Numerous personal photo-albums were made available, from which many an unusual photo found its way into the pages of this book. I also have to thank the Bundesarchiv for the release of 32 photos from their collections.

Mainz-Finthen, April 21, 1965 Karl Ries
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Karl Ries Jr.
published by Dieter Hoffmann 1971 2nd revised edn. 112pp prof. illus. 17x24
{condition}very good in rubbed d/j.
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