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McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Since 1920

McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Since 1920

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{detailed description}This important work traces the history of two great United States aircraft manufacturers and their predecessor companies. The two companies, Douglas and McDonnell, have made significant contributions to the development of world air transport and to the defence of many countries.
Each product of these companies is described in detail, and its history of development and service is fully covered. Among the Douglas types are the first Douglas transport, the Cloudster; the World Cruisers which made the first flight round the earth; numerous pre-war military types; the DC-1, DC-2 and DC-3, of which well over 10,000 were built in civil and military versions. The Second World War Devastator, Dauntless and Boston series are well recorded and lead on to the great series of four-engined transports, the DC-4, DC-6 and DC-7.
The post-war jet aircraft include the DC-8, DC-9 and DC-10 jetliners and such types as the Skyray, Skyhawk and Skylancer. Also dealt with at length are the very high speed research aircraft, the present-day F-15 Eagle, F-18 Hornet, AV-8B Harrier and the YC-I5 STOL transport. Some of the more important projects are included and there is a full production list of Douglas aircraft.
The McDonnell types include the early Phantom, the Banshee, Goblin and Voodoo. The later Phantom, of which more than 5,000 have been built, is recorded in great detail and there are such little known types as the Whirlaway and Little Henry.
The book is illustrated with hundreds of photographs and with detailed general arrangement drawings.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by René J. Francillon
1979 single volume 1st. edn. 721pp

Later reprints were published in two volumes, this is the original single volume edition.
{condition}very good in rubbed, spine-faded d/j
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