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McDonnell Douglas F15 Eagle

McDonnell Douglas F15 Eagle

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{detailed description}No. 28 in the Aero Series
James P. Stevenson has researched the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle over a four-year period, making four trips to McDonnell Aircraft Co. in St. Louis, one trip to the F-15 SPO at Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, two trips to Washington, D.C., and several visits to Edwards AFB, California.
Mr. Stevenson's previous book, Grumman F-14 Tomcat, was described by a review in Aerophile Magazine as, ". . . perhaps the height of the (Aero) series ... (which came close to telling you more than you would want to know)." In addition, he has written an article for Armed Forces Magazine entitled "The F-14 vs. F-15: Who Would the Real Winner Be?"
Stevenson is the Editor of the Navy Fighter Weapons School Journal, a quarterly journal on aerial warfare. He has flown in simulated dogfights in T-38 Talons with the Topgun crews. In addition, he has flown in the TA-4Js, F-4J and in preparation for this book, the F-15 Eagle.
He is a past director of the International Aerospace Hall of Fame. Stevenson is a candidate for the J.D. degree in June 1979 from a San Diego law school.
The photo of the author, above, was taken in the back seat of a TF-15A (F-15B) APSN 74-0139 with the Ferris paint scheme. The camera is angled up slightly, otherwise both vertical tails would be visible.
The first aircraft designed as a dogfighter since the F-86 Sabre of the Korean War, the F-15 Eagle started setting records from the beginning with designed-in firsts, to the capture of time-to-climb altitude records. Here are some of the firsts:
• First fighter to go faster than the speed of sound vertically.
• First U.S. fighter to fly trans-Atlantic non-stop without refueling.
• First U.S. fighter to complete development program without major accident.
• First fighter without variable-geometry inlets.
• First U.S.A.F. fighter to have thrust-to-weight greater than 1:1.
• First fighter to fly across Australia non-stop unrefueled.
• First U.S.A.F. fighter qualified for supersonic bomb delivery.
• First aircraft to fly to 30,000 meters (94,425 feet) in 3 minutes and 27.8 seconds.
Think of that next time you time an egg!
{Author / Publisher / Date}by J. P. Stephenson
No. 28 in the Aero Series Published 1978 in the USA, 104pp well illustrated and very detailed.
{condition}Softcover, very good.
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