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Modern Combat Aircraft No.23 Mirage

Modern Combat Aircraft No.23 Mirage

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{detailed description}For a quarter-century the name 'Mirage' has been synonymous with France's top-performance, top-selling fighter aircraft. Forming the backbone of the Armée de I'Air, Mirages have also participated in aerial combat on behalf of some of their many export customers — even fighting under a nom de guerre in the Israeli and Argentine air arms. However, it would be wrong to speak of the 'Mirage' as if it were a single type of aircraft, because Mirages come in many shapes and sizes.
Three generations of Mirage are clearly discernible, two of which have scaled-up derivatives optimised for deep penetration missions. Mirages are linked by a common manufacturer and family name — making it logical that they should all find mention in a single volume — but great differences separate the three basic lines.
First came the delta-winged strain epitomised by the Mirage III, 5 and 50, of which some 1,400 have been produced, excluding Israeli Neshers, Daggers and Kfirs. The type formed the basis of the 'big brother' Mirage IV twin-engined strategic nuclear bomber, now being given a new lease of life with stand-off missiles. In the 1970s came the Mirage Fl (around 700 ordered) with its swept wing planform, whilst the current decade has seen a return to the delta, characterised by the Mirage 2000. This too has a larger relation, the as-yet unadopted Mirage 4000, although links with the first generation aircraft are little more than superficial because of the immense advances attained in the fields, of aerodynamics and avionics in the intervening years. And should France develop the ACX — at present part of the country's effort to secure a share in the European Fighter Aircraft programme — one could confidently predict that when it enters the front line its designation will include the legendary synonym for excellence in combat aircraft: Mirage.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Paul Jackson
1985 BCA edition 128pp illustrated.
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