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Modern Combat Aircraft No.18 Westland Seaking

Modern Combat Aircraft No.18 Westland Seaking

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{detailed description}From F-4 Phantom to C-130 Hercules the 'Modern Combat Aircraft' series has proved to be immensely popular, but this is the first book to cover a helicopter. Until World War 2 the helicopter was a relatively untested form of flying machine, frequently despised by the pundits of the fixed-wing aeroplane world. From the 1950s, however, it began to make its mark in both military and civil aviation, in a wide range of roles. The Sea King was originally designed, as so many of the Western world's helicopters have been, in the Sikorsky 'stable', and has emerged over 25 years as one of the supreme aircraft of its species. In various forms it is currently used by at least 15 nations.
This book is primarily about the British-built Westland Sea King used by eight nations; the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force are in many ways dependent on it for a number of special tasks ranging from submarine killing to the rescue of ditched airmen, and of course the rescue of very many civilians. Like so many so-called military aircraft, Sea Kings (with the help of the people who fly and maintain them) have saved and preserved far more human lives than they have taken.
John Chartres has provided a comprehensive coverage of the Westland Sea King —the significance of its development, its specifications for RN, RAF and foreign use, and its achievements in rescue and at war —accompanied by many exciting and informative illustrations: the Sea King is an aeroplane with 'rotating wings' which ought to occupy the same sort of place in aviation history as the Wright Flyer, the Dakota or the Hercules.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by John Chartres
1984 112pp illustrated, appendix.
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