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No. 13 Mosquito Photo-Reconnaissance Units of World War 2

No. 13 Mosquito Photo-Reconnaissance Units of World War 2

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{detailed description}The third volume in the trilogy of Combat Aircraft titles devoted to de Havilland's 'wooden wonder', this book focuses on the Mosquito photo-recce variants, and their users. The design's superb performance, and ability to escape interception by enemy fighters made the Mosquito the ideal choice for the RAF's then-embryonic photographic reconnaissance force. The production standard PR I subsequently became the first Mosquito variant of any kind to see operational service with the RAF, flying its first sortie (over France) on 20 September 1941. No 1 PRU was the primary user of the recce Mosquito in 1941-42, its aircraft ranging all over occupied Europe providing photographic intelligence primarily for Bomber Command's growing nocturnal campaign. Overseas, photo-Mosquitoes also saw service in the Mediterranean and the Far East (from December 1943). Aside from its use with the RAF, a modest number of photo-Mosquitoes also saw extensive service with the USAAF's Eighth Air Force in Western Europe. These aircraft flew all manner of bomber support missions ranging from simple post-raid photo-recce to weather checking and experimental H2X radar photo-mapping. All are detailed in this volume, which is the first of its kind exclusively dedicated to the photo-recce variants of deHavilland's classic aircraft.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Martin Bowman
published by Osprey 1999 1st edn. 96pp profusely illustrated with b&w photos, scale drawings and colour artwork, appendices, 18x25 card covers
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