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Mosquito Typhoon Tempest

Mosquito Typhoon Tempest

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{detailed description}The Mosquito two-engined fighter-bomber (the 'wooden wonder') and the Typhoon/Tempest family of single-engined fighters are of course largely unconnected — except for being contemporaries in the same air force, and noted for their increased speed in comparison with earlier RAF types.
Because they had not arrived in squadron service by the time of the Battle of Britain, they have not attracted the legendary status of the Spitfire and Hurricane, although their punch was in many ways more lethal, and their working lives lasted well beyond the end of the Second World War.
From the outset the Mosquito was a daring concept. That an unarmed bomber, constructed almost wholly of wood and relying on pure speed, could evade the immensely powerful air defences of Nazi Germany by night, let alone by day, was completely against contemporary Air Force thinking and war experience. The result was an aircraft which became the most successful fighter - bomber of the Second World War. Extreme versatility led to its use in a wide range of roles — day and night bomber, night-fighter, intruder, Pathfinder, ship-buster, bomber support, reconnaissance and a dozen others. Mosquitos served too in practically every theatre of war from Britain to Burma. In this book the author has recaptured the unique appeal of the Mosquito to the fighting airmen of the Second World War and the high spirits and élan that distinguished Mosquito squadrons everywhere.
Although they played a significant part in the Allied victory in the air in the Second World War, the Typhoon and Tempest series of fighters have remained largely unsung. This book sets out to rectify that omission, plotting the course, with all its many disappointments, of the inspired Sydney Camm designs which started off as the Tornado and finished up after hostilities as the Fury, the fastest prop-powered fighter in the world. The early days of Typhoon development were trying ones for all concerned at Hawkers and the many aircraft companies involved. There was severe mechanical trouble with the engine; there was a structural fault which caused tails to fall off, and then the Air Ministry wanted to cancel the project because it failed to meet its design specification as a high altitude fighter. But championed by Roland Beamont, co-author of this book, and a few others who had faith in it, the Typhoon became one of the most potent weapons of air assault when Britain began to go on the offensive against Nazi Germany. And in the Tempest, which developed out of the Typhoon, Britain found a timely shield against the V1 s when these pilotless flying bombs were raining on London.
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Chaz Bowyer, Arthur Reed and Roland Beamont
published by PRC 1997 edn 317pp profusely illustrated 22x29 pictorial laminated boards with d/j.
{condition}slightly bumped otherwise very good in slightly worn d/j.
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