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Names With Wings

Names With Wings

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{detailed description}From Acro Twin to Zogling this encyclopaedic book is the first on the history of names and naming systems of aircraft and engines used or evaluated by the British Armed Forces since 1878, This research includes United States, French, Italian, Dutch and German aircraft and engines.
Aircraft such as Spitfire, Hurricane and Tornado are well known, but why were they so named and in many cases what did the names and nicknames mean?
What is a Bobolink? What was the Brick, Pot Belly or Clockwork Mouse?
A unique feature of the book is an alphabetic index of over 1,300 names which gives 'at a glance' reference to manufacturer, name, nickname, type, first flight, Navy, Army or Air Force and engine(s). The 'Notes' cover a brief history of each, and also the origin and meaning of name and nickname. A section deals in detail with United States names and nicknames of aircraft and engines used by the British in both World Wars.
Military naming systems are covered from 1878, and those of the Royal Air Force from 1918 to date which cover a large range of subjects — birds, animals, reptiles, fish, mythology, meteorology, geography, tribes and many others. The book also includes the Air Ministry suggested names — the Spitfire nearly became the St George!
Gordon Wansbrough-White has written a book which fills in a missing piece in the historical jigsaw of British military aviation. It is a full index and reference of value to the aviation historian and enthusiast and also an `unputdownable' mine of fact, history and legend for the onlooker.
The Preface is by Air Marshal Sir Ivor Broom, who, as with most of the RAF, was quite unaware of the RAF naming systems, even as they affected the aircraft that they flew. The Wings had Names, but why and what . . .?
{Author / Publisher / Date}by Gordon Wansbrough-White
Published by Airlife 1995 1st edn. 206pp illustrated, index, bibliography. 22x30
{condition} fine, in price clipped and slightly rubbed d/j.
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